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Science Week Ms Bolands 1st class

posted Nov 17, 2020, 4:14 PM by Owen Breslin

In First class we discussed what dampness is, the cause of dampness and how it affects homes in Ireland. We also discussed what prevents dampness (damp course) in homes. We decided to investigate what materials will make the best damp course.

We used sugar cubes stacked as blocks, water and food colouring to demonstrate how moisture absorbs up through the blocks (wall).

We put different materials such as kitchen roll, plastic and parchment paper between each sugar cube to see which material would prevent the water from rising through the sugar cube.

Our Results showed that plastic and parchment paper were the best non- absorbent materials (damp course), the kitchen roll absorbed all the water and did not stop the water rising through the sugar cubes.

Science Week 2020 Ms Boland