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Safer Internet Day 2021

posted Feb 9, 2021, 9:08 AM by Owen Breslin
Over the last year, thanks to restrictions placed on everyone due to Covid-19, we are all finding ourselves using technology in ways that we never before envisioned. Technology has enabled us all to stay going as much as possible, from the young using technology for distance learning, to adults working from home and everyone using technology to stay in touch with friends and loved ones we are unable to visit.

It is also, perhaps, the perfect time to think about our safe use of technology and in particular how our children are using it. Today is  Safer Internet Day and we are asked to think about how we can use technology safely. Common issues that can crop up for our children may include

  • overuse of smartphones, tablets, gamesystems - do we need to take a break? 
  • keeping our identity safe online - personal information should always be kept personal, do I know what my child shares online?
  • who is my child communicating with online? do I know the people that my child is actually communicating with?
  • digital footprint - what are they sharing online? is the material appropriate?
  • what to do if they see something inappropriate or something that makes them feel uncomfortable?
  • what apps are appropriate? everyday more and more new apps appear, which ones are safe for my child to use?
The most important advice we can give is to foster a healthy relationship with your child in relation to the safe use of technology. Do not ban a device straight away, discuss any issues with your child. Help them to see any potential dangers. Let them know the importance of open discussion of issues relating to technology. Also make sure they are aware of their responsibilities to act appropriately. 

There is a wealth of advice out there about how we can try and stay safe online.  We have included a number of resources below you may find interesting.