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Halloween Time!!!

posted Jun 15, 2021, 4:51 AM by Jakki Moriarty   [ updated Jun 18, 2021, 2:47 AM ]
There is a longstanding tradition in our school of dressing up at Halloween. Children start making costumes from October 1st. What I found honest and endearing when I first came to the school was the interest and effort the children put in, and the Dads!!!!!! There was every size make and character of costume. The children would gather, recycle and upcycle to produce fabulous one off costumes. The children love to see what the staff come to school dressed as. There was a tradition of 'a catwalk' in the school hall where everyone got to showcase their outfit. However since deciding that we would apply for our Active School Flag we needed to take things one step further. The children were encouraged to THINK ACTIVE and so they decided to bring two elements into Halloween - Dance and Walking. Our 6th class worked with our Zumba teacher and class teachers to learn the routine to a song fitting for Halloween. The children performed it on the day of the Halloween break when everyone was in costume. It was fabulous. They children were working on strands such as Performing from their Music Curriculum while having lots of fun too. The younger children loved watching and were in awe of the older ones performing.
The children also decided to take the event outdoors so they could make it more active. They planned a route from the school and in around Millbrook. Here they paraded around the green and back to the school. It gave all the classes the opportunity to showcase themselves and see each other. The residents got a birds eye view also.