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Active School Week

posted Jun 17, 2021, 6:10 AM by Jakki Moriarty   [ updated Jun 18, 2021, 6:14 AM ]
After having spent last years active week at home the staff and children were delighted to be able to celebrate this with friends at school. We have had an active element to all the activities this week. Children did Maths trails, SESE classes were taken outdoors where they identified native trees. The children availed of their locality and visited and took in the history of the Blessed Wells here in Killeigh. They did orienteering, took reading and SPHE lessons outdoors, all to incorporate an active element into their day.

Mr. Breslin set the field up with a really great Obstacle course, the children took part in the well loved Novelty races such as the Egg 'n Spoon and Sack race. The staffroom became a Disco Dome with lantern lights, led balloons and glow sticks and the kids showed off their moves to Just Dance. Some classes enjoyed new games this year which entailed trays, ping pong balls, clothes pegs and blindfolds. 

The Whole School Event and absolute highlight of the week was the Colour Run. It was such a success. The children took delight in being doused in fabulous bright coloured powder and the teachers had fun running and getting a dust too. We will put together a short movie of wonderful photos taken by photographer Paula Nolan which we will put on the website next week. We were so lucky to have beautiful weather which made it all the better!

A Walk in Our Locality 
The children were taken on a walk of their local area. They visited and got the history of the Blessed Well in Killeigh. Some of the children were familiar with it but for many it was their first visit. The children enjoyed it and were able to go home and talk to their parents about their locality.