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Travel Flag

posted Mar 2, 2017, 7:16 AM by Owen Breslin   [ updated Mar 3, 2017, 4:11 AM ]
We are trying to earn our travel flag this year. Class surveys are being taken daily to try and cut back using "car" fuel. 
We are encouraging people to try the following coming to school, share lifts, walk, take the bus or cycle when weather permits.

We ran a competition for our new travel slogan and the winning entry was composed by Shane Kelly from 4th class and his slogan is being learned by everyone  in school.

"Use less fuel to go to school,
Get the bus or just carpool"
Shane Kelly 4th class

The runners up were

"You would be a fool
to drive to school
its bad for the air
so you need to care
so get on your bike
or go on a hike
put on your head gear
and feel the fear"
Chrissie Plunkett 1st Class

"Save more fuel
by going to school
on a mule"
Róisín Lally 5th class

"Carpool or walk to school, be cool"
David Murray

"Killeigh school is really keen,
to keep our world safe and clean
use less cars to keep it green
come on carpool have some fun
it will be fun for everyone
Carpool, cycle, walk and bus
Please, please do it just for us"
Fírinne NíAolain & Katie White

"Use a bike, use a bus
on the way to school
you can walk you can hike
or setup a car pool
Even though these things
may be easy to do
they can make a big
difference and so can you"
Jessica Dunne 5th

"Killeigh kids fit and strong
But something is oh so wrong
people in around our Killeigh
should really need to help carpool
so come on Killeigh
Lets hop to it
if we want to keep the Earth nice and fit"
Aisling Nunan 4th