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Killeigh Kindness Rocks

Activity 1

Killeigh Kindness Rocks - A scavenger hunt for the entire village?

The idea is to paint/hide and find rocks in our local community. It would be lovely if everyone created "Pick me Up" rocks- sending positive

messages to members of our community. So many of us are out for walks- wouldn't it be lovely to find something special to brighten your day?! Fun for everyone in the family.

What you need:

·         Acrylic/poster paints are perfect for this

·         A rock that has been cleaned and washed with warm soapy water,

·         A paintbrush,

·         A permanent marker/Sharpie

The idea is that you
1. Paint a Rock. Acrylic/poster paints are perfect for this.
2. Write a positive message on it.
3. Place it in a place locally, where others will see it or you can use them to decorate your garden.
4. Take a photo of your rock and email it to