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A first look at the school garden

posted Nov 7, 2018, 3:27 PM by Owen Breslin   [ updated Nov 7, 2018, 3:27 PM ]
We went out to the school garden to see how our vegetables, shrubs and flowers were getting on. It was clear to see that it had not been a good year for our vegetable patch. In fact the entire garden was looking far from its best.  The pupils were asked to discuss in groups the problems that were affecting the garden. 

The following are some of the observations that were made:
  • vegetables very small, not growing properly

  • weeds were flourishing, in particular which Mr Breslin identified as Mares Tail, which is an invasive weed

  • there was very little Autumn colour from our flowers
  • there were leaves everywhere 

  • paths were overgrown with weeds

  • one bed seemed to be too much in the shade and there was not much growing underneath

  • the raised beds were disorganised

  • the soil seems very dry

We formed the following questions
  • How can we get rid of weeds without spraying?(in particular mares tail)
  • what plants could we grow in the shade?
  • how can we improve the soil?
  • are all fertilisers the same?  are they good for biodiversity?
  • can we compost the leaves?
  • what flowers can we plant to attract more pollinators?
  • are there more suitable vegetables we should be planting?
  • how can we make our vegetables grow bigger?
  • how can we protect our vegetables from pests e.g. caterpillars, blight
  • are there any safe sprays?